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Two Cuisines at One Place

You get to dine at one place and enjoy two cuisines at one go! There is nothing that a Srilankan Kothu or an Indian Biriyani can’t fix. How can anyone resist the temptation of  the simmering tender pieces of chicken and a good fusion cuisine?

Home food with a local blend

At Sabari Sarvanaa Bavan each dish is grounded to its roots but elevated with new flavours and ingredients. Our dishes are made with locally sourced fresh produce. This means that you not only consume tasty food but also healthy food just like how you would eat at home.

Value for buck

With our constant offers and discounts, you can stay up to date by following our Facebook Page. Some days you even get biriyani for just 5 dollars and kothu for $4. Get to know when these days are, by just keeping an eye out on our social media.

Flavourful Food

Colours and flavours are our trademark. Bring friends over and see it for yourself. Where most Indian restaurants use the same ready-made pre-roasted spice mixes from the big importers, we instead use spices sourced whole and green.

Savour the taste

Premium Food

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